Monday, February 4, 2008

Buy Me a Drink and Watch Me Dance!

No, I have neither lost my mind[1] nor changed careers. Instead, I'm planning a "bonus session" on SQL Server Integration Services for this week here at the MCT Summit in Redmond. I just spoke with a fellow SQL Server MCT (Rick, who had commented on an earlier blog post a few days back - hi Rick!) who let me know that although my "bonus session" this week is not going to be an SSIS deep dive, he's still interested in getting that content.

And I'm still interested in delivering it.

So... At some point this week (time and location TBD) I'm going to be delivering a deep SSIS technical session with any MCT who wants to attend. If you're at the summit and are reading this, spread the word and let me know what you want to hear. We'll find a room and make it happen.

And the cost? One Grey Goose and tonic, to be delivered after the session is complete. ;-)

[1] Quiet, Ted.

1 comment:

Sandra Mueller said...

Thanks for the extra session Matthew! It was kind of hard to buy a drink with the open bar though ;)

Sandra Mueller