Monday, April 28, 2008

RunAs Radio

I grew up listening to the .Net Rocks! podcast series. I remember huddling around the Internet radio on those cold winter nights, wishing that we had more coal for the fire, and so grateful that I had those pearls of developer wisdom to help keep me warm.

Ok, so that's not exactly true. I never did grow up, you know...

In any event, I have been a fan of .Net Rocks! for many years. I don't listen to every show (Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell are way too prolific for me now that I have a 20 ft commute) but I listen whenever I have the chance. And odds are, if you're a .NET developer, you probably do too.

Of course, SSIS isn't just for developers. Lots of DBAs and other IT Professionals use SSIS too. And the fine folks who produce .Net Rocks! also produce a weekly talk show for that IT Pro audience, called RunAs Radio.

Why do I know this, and why do you care?

Next week I will be recording an episode of RunAs Radio with hosts Richard Campbell and Glen Hughes, talking about SSIS with a focus on the IT Professional. I don't yet have details on when this show will air, but as soon as I know, you'll know too - I'll keep you posted.

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