Monday, September 15, 2008

My Interview With Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw is the conference director for the SSWUG vConferences that I have been blogging about for the past few months. Last week he sent out a set of interview questions to the various conference chairs[1] asking questions about careers and technology and such. I replied, and today Chris posted the interview on his blog, here:

Business Intelligence with Matthew Roche

Some of the questions[2] were quite interesting, so if you have a spare minute or two you should feel free to check it out.


[1] Not the things you sit in, but so far as I know this is the accepted gender-neutral form of "chairmen" as opposed to "chairpeople" or something...

[2] As opposed to the answers, of course


Dick Carlson said...

So -- you're joining the Borg, are you? MSL will never be the same.

It's a shame that we just managed to sell our house in Bellevue.

Matthew Roche said...

I was wondering if anyone would actually read this and notice that tiny little detail.

And MSL not being the same is pretty much the idea, isn't it? ;-) There is a significant challenge waiting for me, and I'm pretty darned excited about the opportunities ahead of me.

And we're NOT relocating. ;-)