Monday, November 17, 2008

A Bad Week to Travel

I'm on the road this week, in Seattle for the PASS Community Summit conference and in Redmond for meetings and such. Normally I love this trip, because the food is great[1], it's a beautiful area and it's a chance for me to get face-to-face time with more members of my team.

But this week I really wish I were at home, and the reason may not be obvious. It's because I'm going to miss the rollout of the New Xbox Experience. Yeah, I know that's geeky[2] but I've been looking forward to this major overhaul of the Xbox platform ever since it was announced a few months back. Not only does the Xbox UI get a complete makeover, but I will also be able to stream Netflix content directly to my Xbox 360 for instant video gratification.

And it's going to be released this Wednesday, November 19th. And I'm going to miss it until I get home Friday night. And yes, I've been looking forward to it enough to resent those two days enough to blog about it.

Is it Friday yet?

[1] Yes, I'm going back to Elemental@Gasworks this week ;-)

[2] And not like "developer geek" but more like "end user geek" which is a lot less cool-sounding


Carolus Holman said...

Your sessions at DevConnections were amongst the best. Thank you for the information it has already been put to use! Good Luck with MicroSoft, they need it!

Darren Gosbell said...

Aah, my update came down last night and I spent ages just exploring the new dashboard. Very cool.