Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SQL Server MVP Deep Dives

I’m not a SQL Server Most Valuable Professional anymore[1], but I was when this amazing project got underway, and I am proud to contribute as an author on SQL Server Integration Services. SQL Server MVP Deep Dives is a unique book. It has:

  • 53 authors
  • 59 chapters
  • Coverage of database design, development, administration and performance tuning
  • Coverage of the SQL Server BI suite: SSIS, SSAS and SSRS

But that’s not the coolest thing about this book. The coolest thing is where the money goes. All author royalties (that’s right – 100%) go to War Child International, a network of independent organizations, working across the world to help children affected by war.[2] So not only will this book help you become a better SQL Server practitioner, it will also help children around the world.

You can pre-order the book online today at the SQL Server MVP Deep Dives web site, and get immediate access to a pre-release PDF copy of the book. (Note: if you order before the end of September and use the code pop0928 at the checkout you will also save 50%!) Also, if you’re attending the PASS Summit in Seattle in early November, you can buy a copy at the conference bookstore and it signed by many of the authors. I’ll be there, and based on the email I’ve seen we’ll see a majority of the authors and editors should be there as well.

If you only buy one SQL Server book this year, why not make it this book? And since all proceeds go to benefit a great cause, why not buy two?

I’ll see you at PASS!

[1] You can’t be an MVP and a Microsoft employee at the same time, so when I joined Microsoft they took away my MVP status. Which was OK.

[2] Not, as some may think, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping aging Jethro Tull fans.


jersey said...

Today I have learned a valuable lesson - keep up to date with Matthew's blog. The code is now expired. :-(

Matthew Roche said...

Three letters: RSS ;-)

But of course, regardless of the timing (or the discount) this is still a great book and a great cause...

jersey said...

RSS still requires that I read my RSS reader. ;-)

I did buy the book on Amazon.