Monday, August 27, 2007

ACM Professional Development Seminar

Hey – before I forget (yet again) I have one more quick announcement to make. I’m going to be delivering a one-day SSIS seminar as part of the ACM professional development series at the New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Syracuse[1]. Odds are that if you’re interested enough in SSIS and BI to be reading this blog you’re not in the target audience for the seminar[2], but perhaps you know someone who is. Just in case, here’s the session description I gave to the organizers:

This one-day seminar will provide attendees with an introduction to SQL Server Integration Services, the enterprise-scale replacement for Data Transformation Services in SQL Server 2005. Through a combination of lecture, demonstrations and hands-on exercises, attendees will learn:

  • Overview of the SSIS platform

  • Developing SSIS packages using the Business Intelligence Development Studio

  • Building package logic using SSIS Control Flow

  • Building high-performance data pipelines using SSIS Data Flow

  • SSIS Deployment tools and techniques

So if you know anyone in the right area and in the right demographic, why not let them know? We're not going to drill deep covering these topics in one day, but we'll still learn a lot and have a lot of fun.

[1] I’ve worked with these guys occasionally for the last six years or so, although my schedule is busy enough it’s taken me this long to find a slot to present one of these ACM seminars. If you’re looking for a good training center in Upstate New York, this is one of the best training centers I’ve worked with in all my years as an MCT.
[2] People with little or no ETL experience, or some past DTS experience.

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