Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holy VHDs Batman!

Ok, color me impressed. I'm watching today's PDC keynote and just saw that Windows 7 can natively:

  • Mount VHD files as disks
  • Create fixed size or dynamic VHDs
  • Boot from Windows 7 VHDs

Holy crap. That last one totally blows me away - the ability to natively boot from a VHD file to test a virtual machine (and the software it runs) without a host OS sucking down resources. Oh yeah!

Now if they just expand the mounting support to also include standard ISO images, I'll be the happiest geek on the block.

it's not BI, but I'm darned excited!


Rob said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

Daniel Nøhr said...

Very nice information!

Have been waiting for such thing, just thing how easy it would be create a normal client machine and change it, if it gets infected.

Damn good news :-)

Now we just need to wait for windows 7 final release.