Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Configuration Intelligence Analytics

I've been working with Configuresoft, Inc. since late last year, first as a BI consultant and for the last six weeks or so as a full time employee. Most of this time has been dedicated to building a next-generation BI platform that will allow business more strategic and proactive insight into their IT enterprises than has ever been possible before. It's an exciting product with a killer team behind it[1] and today it became available to the world.

Check out our press release: [2]

If you have a complex IT environment and would like to take MOF, ITIL and Six Sigma to the next level with better insight into what's going on, you should check it out. [3] Really. [4]

[1] Which, of course, is why I agreed to join it. ;-)
[2] I wish you could see the grin on my face as I type this
[3] Remember - I'm not the sales guy; I'm the BI guy and I'm still this excited
[4] Really!

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