Wednesday, September 19, 2007

SSIS in Sweden Part 2

I've already mentioned that I'm going to be presenting a two-day "SSIS Advanced Topics" seminar in Stockholm, Sweden next month, but now I'm going to be multitasking during my visit. I've been invited to speak at the Swedish SQL Server User Group[1] during their October 11th meeting. I'll be speaking about SSIS best practices, although given the 40-60 minute timeframe I'll have available I'm not sure how much depth we'll be able to cover. Odds are, I'll just end up running over, as per usual. ;-)

In any event, if you're going to be in Stockholm on the 11th of October, make sure you plan on attending the user group meeting - we'll have a lot of fun and can take as much time as you want with Q&A regardless of how much time is allotted for the session itself.

[1] No, I can't read anything on the web site.

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