Thursday, August 28, 2008

New SSIS Article Online on MSDN

I have a new article on the SSIS Developer Center on MSDN, focusing on Data Sources and Configurations as tools for connection reuse across sets of SSIS packages. I wrote it months ago (looking at it now it seems even longer[1]) but it just made it online today.

Check it out here:

This is actually one of a set of articles by SSIS-focused SQL Server MVPs that will be published over the next week of so - I just could not wait to let people know that it was out there. I'll post links to all of the articles once they're all online (and I probably won't be the only one to do so) but for now you can get started with this one. Enjoy!

[1] For example, the "about the author" blurb at the bottom lists me as still working at Configuresoft, even though I have not been working with Configuresoft since the end of July.

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