Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shutting Down BI Polar

Hi faithful[1] readers!

After a series of ongoing frustrations[2] I've decided to shut down my BI Polar blog and move away from the Blogger platform.

I'm starting up a new blog on Wordpress, and have migrated away the content from this blog. I'll leave this site up for a while[3] but there won't be any new content. I'd love to say that I will be posting more frequently on the new blog, but you and I both know how well this has been working for me recently. Keep your fingers crossed...

[1] Given how infrequently I've been posting lately, you must be pretty darned faithful to still be here.
[2] None worth mentioning individually, but in aggregate they are making me less and less pleased.
[3] Probably until I remember to delete it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So You Want to Work at Microsoft?

I love SQL Server. [1]

I love working for Microsoft. [2]

For me, these two loves are two things that go well together.

I also love competition.

If you love SQL Server as much as I do (and if you don’t mind competition) you could have the opportunity to see if you love working for Microsoft as well, and have a fun experience while making it happen, by participating in the “Be the Next Microsoft Employee” show. I won’t go into the details – you can click on the link for that – but these are the highlights that leap out at me as being particularly cool:

  • The show is focused on real-world SQL Server professionals
  • Finalists get to attend TechEd North America in Orlando (to get introduced to the public audience as a finalist) and to Microsoft campus in Redmond (for job interviews) with Microsoft picking up the tab
  • The winner has a shot[3] at a Service Engineer position with Microsoft’s internal IT organization, MSIT[4]
  • There are many foodie tie-ins to the show: Not only does the theme remind me of one of my family’s favorite TV shows – The Next Iron Chef[5] – but finalists will get to eat at Elemental while they’re in town for their interviews[6]

Are you interested yet?

If so, follow the instructions to enter, and post a comment to let me know.


[1] This should surprise no one.

[2] Hopefully this won’t surprise too many people either.

[3] Since this is a real job for the real Microsoft, there’s no guarantee that anyone will get a job offer, just like with any interview.

[4] MSIT is one of biggest IT organizations in the world, and they work on some of the coolest projects I’ve seen. They’re often early adopters of Microsoft products and technologies, participating in TAP/”dogfood” programs and regularly deploy pre-release versions of products like SQL Server into production environments. Speaking of a member of the SQL Server team this is super valuable, because it provides us with real-world feedback that makes the RTM versions of the product better. Speaking as an ex-BI consultant this is super exciting, because how many clients or projects let you stay at the cutting edge of technology and make a real difference in the products you use and love.

[5] Not unlike the Iron Architect competition from way back in 2007, for those who remember back that far.

[6] They should feel free to invite me along, especially if the show organizers are paying for dinner ;-)