Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe October has come and gone already. Usually this is my favorite month of the year, but this year I've barely noticed it. Things have been so busy I've even forgotten to update my email signature. Usually I will update it to use this great seasonal quote:
"October. When the leaves turn blood and the wind turns bone: a time for doings
dark and strange."

This is attributed to the author Glen Cook, as it's taken from the cover of his classic novel October's Baby[1] but it was probably written by the same guy the publisher got to write the summary for the back cover. Still, I like it anyway, and it generally sums up the way that October usually feels for me.

This year was strange in its own way with trips all over the US, speaking gigs both at home and as far away as Stockholm, and more work than any one person should ever have. Not that this is a bad thing, but hopefully next year October will have a little more time for blogging. And baking...

[1] Which is finally back in print after 20 years as part of the A Cruel Wind compilation.

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