Tuesday, February 5, 2008

SSIS Deep Dive at the MCT Summit in Redmond

I know that this is not a lot of notice, but if you're in Redmond for the MCT Summit event, I will be delivering a bonus SQL Server Integration Services "Deep Dive" session at the end of the day in Salon 3/4. This is the same room where my final scheduled session will be held, so if you're attending the "New Features in SQL Server 2008 for Database Developers" session, you'll already be in the correct room.

Please be warned that we'll probably overlap with the scheduled bowling trip (which really doesn't appeal to me) and the attendant open bar that Microsoft is going to provide (which does appeal) so there is a trade-off to be made. I'm more than happy to pass on the open bar (especially since each attendee at this bonus session will need to buy me a drink in payment ;-) but potential attendees should take this into account.

What's the agenda? It will (hopefully - I don't have any slides, so I may well forget) look something like this:
  • Package development best practices
  • Package deployment
  • Design patterns and suggestions
  • Real-world package demos and walkthroughs
  • Q&A - hopefully we'll have a TON of interaction, and the Q&A session will last a long time
Hopefully I'll see you there!


DaGenester said...

Thanks for the Excitement and enthusiasm that you put into all your presentations! I rally enjoyed your presentations, and I learned a heck of a lot from you. Even though I hadn't done a whole lot with SSIS, the Deep Dive gave me a great idea of which direction I need to focus my attention on. Thanks! See ya tomorrow!

Matthew Roche said...


Everyone was amazing last night. I could not believe that 20 people willingly stayed until 8:00 PM to attend a technical session. MCTs never cease to amaze me. You guys rock! ;-)

Sandra Mueller said...


Again thanks for all the information and care you put into your presentations. Quick question: Downloaded the slides from the courseware downloads but couldn't find any of your slides or sample code...???

Matthew Roche said...


I posted URLs to the slides and all demo projects in the microsoft.private.mct.cafe newsgroup before the end of the Summit. The slides were posted on February 4 and the demo files were posted on February 6. I don't want to post the URLs here because the presentations and demos were built for the MCT community and aren't particularly public-ready, but if you have any problems, please don't hesitate to let me know...