Monday, February 4, 2008

Two Down, One to Go

Microsoft today announced the release to manufacturing of Windows Server 2008[1], which means that of the three products being "launched" at the end of the month are actually done. Only SQL Server 2008 remains.

Of course, this news is all over the Internet already. And people don't read this blog for generic launch news. (I assume.) But I'm posting this news as an excuse to try out Windows Live Writer. Quite a few people have recommended this to me lately, and since I was setting up a new computer anyway, I figured I'd try it out.

And it seems to work very nicely. Maybe now I can blog on the plane without typing into a Word document and pasting it into a browser window at the hotel. Time will tell...


[1] Yes, and Windows Vista SP1 as well, but that's less exciting, I think.

1 comment:

Matthew Roche said...

Yes, I posted this one using Windows Live Writer, and it looks just like I wanted it to. Very exciting!