Thursday, May 8, 2008

RunAs Radio - In The Can

Just a few hours ago I finished recording an episode of RunAs Radio, talking with Richard Campbell and Greg Hughes about SQL Server Integration Services. It was a ton of fun, and we covered a lot of ground for a 30-minute session. Even though there really wasn't an agenda per se, these were the basic topics we covered:

  • Why SSIS rocks, and why most IT Pros won’t appreciate it very much.
  • How SSIS works, and where to go to get started with SSIS.
  • SSIS Deployment – how to make (some of) the pain go away.
  • My two SSIS breakout sessions at TechEd IT Pro in Orlando next month.

This episode should be ready for your listening pleasure in just under three weeks, on May 28th. If you're a DBA and would like to know more about SSIS (or if you would just like to hear the soothing sound of my voice) you should definitely check it out. I'll be sure to post another update here when the show goes live.

After the show was recorded, we also talked for a little while about the possibility of getting back together to record an episode of .NET Rocks! or dnrTV! to go into more depth on the development side of SSIS. It's too early to say if we'll be able to record a follow-up show, but I had a great time today and would love to do it again - what fun!

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