Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SSIS on RunAs Radio

My interview on the online radio show "RunAs Radio" is now online - check it out here:

This is a short (36 minutes, including the opening and closing bits) show where Richard Campbell, Greg Hughes and I talk about SSIS for the IT Professional. Because many of the enhancements to SSIS tend to be developer-focused, I know many IT Pros who shy away from SSIS and cling irrationally[1] to the "good old days" of DTS. But I believe that with a little information about how SSIS works and how to use it, IT Pros everywhere will happily leave DTS behind and embrace the power and beauty of SSIS.

Well, perhaps I may be getting carried away, but the show is a lot of fun nonetheless. We covered topics ranging from architecture to development to deployment and had a pretty good time doing it. So be sure to download the show and check it out.

[1] Ok, so it may seem rational to them, but my memories of DTS are still fresh and painful in my mind. ;-)

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