Saturday, May 26, 2007

No! No! No!! Not the PDC!!!

It looks like the Professional Developers Conference this year has been cancelled, or at least indefinitely postponed:

We are currently in the process of rescheduling this fall’s Professional
Developer Conference. As the PDC is the definitive developer event focused on
the future of the Microsoft platform, we try to align it to be in front of major
platform milestones. By this fall, however, upcoming platform technologies
including Windows Server 2008, SQL Server codenamed “Katmai,” Visual Studio
codenamed “Orcas” and Silverlight will already be in developers’ hands and
approaching launch, which is where we’ll focus our developer engagement in the
near term. We will update this site when we have a new date for the PDC that is
better timed with the next wave of platform technologies.

I keep looking at the calendar, and it keeps not being April 1st. This is a huge disappointment. I totally understand the stated rationale - PDC is supposed to be about future technologies past the upcoming release - but it's still quite the blow. Hopefully they'll reschedule soon...

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Dick Carlson said...

It is rumored that PDC was canceled because the scope of the project was just too large. They had written millions of lines of PR before they realized that they never be able to complete it.

Plans as of today include scrapping much of the publicized feature set -- including NTFissSoda, many of the cool visuals, and all connections to SoftSQLServer.

There is a firm launch date to be announced soon. To save time, they will be announcing seven official dates at once, with the hope of hitting one.

And when the show is released, many of the existing rooms, lights and flooring systems just won't work with it. MS will tell the appropriate infrastructure vendors that they should just develop all new walls, bulbs and tile.

Projections are that only 10% of the existing customer base will even bother to attend, but will wait until the first PDC service pack is released.