Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let the Blog Times Roll

Just as a quick note, if you read my blog at and not through an RSS reader, you'll notice something new today. I've added a blog roll with links to those SSIS-related (or vaguely SSIS-related) blogs to which I subscribe myself, and the most recent post on each blog. If you're looking for more SSIS goodness, check them out.

And while I'm blogging about blogging[1] anyway, let me share a pet peeve with you. What is it with people who configure their blogs' RSS feeds to only include the first few lines of each post? This drives me crazy - I like being able to go into Outlook (my RSS reader of choice) and actually read the new posts. Instead, I have to go into Outlook, read what little text is actually there, and then click to open up the rest of the article in a web browser. What's up with that? I know it's not a big deal, but it's a little annoyance that takes much of the joy out of there being a new post on an interesting blog. You guys know who you are - are you doing this on purpose?


[1] Or metablogging, because I never metablog I didn't like...


Vidas M. said...

My RSS feed is configured to include just a few lines. Main reason - comments are big big part of the blog. Sometimes I blog about topic and somebody suggests in the comments other ways to do the same thing. I want to make sure that all readers will see comments. If you get posts in Outlook, you will not see comments and you are much less likely participate in discussion.

And what drives me crazy about blogging - why some bloggers configured their blogs to require account to post a comment? I subscribe to 142 blogs, with about 30 different blog providers. Could I remember 30 userID/passwords? No way. Requiring authentication is a sure way to make sure that very few people will post comments.

Matthew Roche said...

Interesting take on things - I would not have thought of this. Thanks!

(Not that it annoys me any less, of course ;-)