Saturday, June 14, 2008

SSIS on 64-Bit Windows

I've just returned home from the TechEd 2008 conference in Orlando - what an amazing two weeks this was. Even though the conference ended only yesterday, it already seems vaguely unreal, as if it were too much fun to have been real.[1]

But while I was having fun at TechEd, members of the SSIS team were hard at work[2] writing about one of my favorite topics: SSIS deployment. And since 64-bit deployments was such a large portion of my second breakout session, it seems like synchronicity[4] that both Douglas Laudenschlager and Matt Masson both blogged on the topic as well in the last few days. Check here to see Douglas' excellent post about considerations when using SSIS on 64-bit machines, and here to see Matt's follow-up about how the SQL Server Integration Services job step type in SQL Server Agent (just introduced in SQL Server 2008 RCO!) now provides the option to use the 32-bit SSIS runtime. That's pretty cool. I doubt I'll be using this and giving up DTEXEC any time soon, but it's a good step forward for 64-bit deployments.

Side note: Expect another post or two about SSIS deployment in the next few days. I realized on the flight home that I neglected to mention a few important considerations during that breakout session, so once I've had the time to remind my family who I am, I'll fill in the gaps here. Stay tuned!


[1] Although I am pretty sure it really was real. Otherwise I'll need to come up with an alternate theory about where all these t-shirts came from.

[2] Now I know why I didn't see these guys at the show...

[3] BIN-450: SQL Server Integration Services Deployment Best Practices

[4] Or perhaps some other Police song

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