Monday, June 9, 2008

SQL Server 2008 RC0 Available

The first release candidate build of SQL Server 2008 is now available for download on the MSDN and TechNet subscriber download sites. Unfortunately, this comes a little too late for me to rebuild my demo VMs for my breakout sessions here at TechEd later this week, but it's exciting news nonetheless. It's not surprising that a big interim release like this would take place during TechEd, but it is exciting even if it is not unexpected.

One of the interesting (and to me, unexpected) tidbits available with RC0 is information about new editions of SQL Server. Take a look here:

In addition to the existing editions (Enterprise, Standard, Workgroup, Developer and Express) there are now also Web and Small Business editions coming in SQL Server 2008. The Small Business edition doesn't show up in the online version of BOL referenced above, but it does show up in the docs installed with RC0. I guess they're still finalizing things...

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