Saturday, November 17, 2007


So SQL Server 2008 CTP5 is hitting the public distribution channels, and is hopefully coming soon to a virtual machine near you. I've got my Katmai VM rebuilt with CTP5 already, and with a little luck (including my getting over this darned cold) we'll have a bunch of new Katmai SSIS posts here in the days ahead.

But before we can get to SSIS we have to mention the cool new installer. I remember being delighted with the installer in SQL Server 2005 (although admittedly I was comparing it to the BizTalk 2004 installer, and just about anything would be a huge advance over that monster) but the new SQL Server 2008 installer is a big improvement. Check it out:

Bah! I was planning on having a lot more text to go with the flood of images, but I can't seem to make the Blogger editor do what I want it to do, and I'm sick, and it's late. So for now, please enjoy the pretty pictures and we'll see what we can do with other posts tomorrow...

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