Wednesday, November 7, 2007

SSIS Myths - Phil May Have Beaten Me To It

Last week I posted a "call for myths" about SSIS. My schedule has been insane since then and I've found little time to follow up on this myself, but today I stumbled across a delightful source of misinformation about SSIS, on Oren Eini's blog:

Hooray, I thought, here is a pre-built source of "myths" about SSIS that I can use instead of needing to build the entire list myself.

But sadly (for me, not for the SSIS community), Phil Brammer (SQL Server MVP and vocal member of the SSIS community) has already responded to Oren's attack:

I may still use some of Oren's points later on, but for now, you should check it out and see what Phil has to say in response.


Unknown said...

Jamie Thompson, too :)

Matthew Roche said...


I actually found this whole series of drama threads this afternoon after posting the original post, but my day got kind of crazy (darn those clients ;-) and I never got back to the blog.

Now I'm just asking myself how I could have missed this blow-up in the first place?

Of course, I'm also asking myself how anyone could use Oracle (and seem to like it) and complain about the error messages produced by any other tool. I ask myself a lot of questions. :-)