Thursday, November 8, 2007

You Can't Get There From Here

Yes Yukon![1]

I've had several people ask me about this offline in the last few weeks: Why can't I connect to SQL server 2008 from Visual Studio 2008? My answer, of course, has been "because it doesn't work in the current builds." It doesn't, but I haven't been in a position where I've needed to make it work, so I've been happy connecting to SQL 2008 from Visual Studio 2005.

My friend and colleague Ted Malone[2], however did need to figure this out, and was kind enough to share with me what he found: A pretty table!

So even if there isn't as much green as we might want, it's still good to know exactly where we can get from where. Now when are we going to see that next SQL 2008 CTP, eh?

[1] Say it phonetically. It's funny to me, but then again, I have had an awfully long week.
[2] Ted has a blog? Who knew?

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